Artist Statement

My artist statement is that experience shapes us all. The two experiences that have profoundly influenced my artistic vision are surviving a rare traumatic medical condition as a teenager and growing up among¬†the landscapes of rural Central New York— color and overlapping shapes in my artwork express the emotion I feel from these experiences.

My style is expressionistic and impressionistic in nature. While I paint a variety of subject matter, I am most passionate about painting landscapes.

Outdoors is where I like to begin to focus on a subject and use that time to develop multiple sketches, full-color studies, and, at times, finished work. Inside the studio I often work up many finished paintings of the same site using complementary color combinations to evoke emotional effects for each painting.

This past year I have been exploring the shapes that appear in landscapes overlapped with translucent color layers.

Lisa Iannello,

Fine Artist

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