Cool Pear Salad Gluten Free Idea For Bag Lunch

Today it is a hot summer day and something light and refreshing sounds good for lunch so I have packed a pear salad with spinach, cashews, and raisins with plain yogurt for dressing. Also, a fresh fruit snack for later in the day. The trick to bring a non-soggy salad is in how you pack it.

My bagged lunches (in fact most of my meals) include mainly fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, and occasionally yogurt. To add variety, I try to be as creative as possible when packing food to take with me.

Cool Pear Salad

Cool Pear Salad


  • Container 1: cut up spinach leaves, raisins, cashews
  • Container 2: fresh pear (cut into cubes or slices), plus 1 teaspoon of lemon juice (keeps the pear from browning, and adds flavor to the salad.)
  • Container 3: plain yogurt, I like to use Chobani Greek Yogurt
  • Container 4: fresh nectarine cut into slices or cubes, ½ cup frozen mixed berries (keeps the yogurt cold in my thermal bag, and will melt by mid-afternoon, just in time to enjoy!)


To assemble the salad, simply open the container with the lettuce (if you plan ahead, you can use a container that will accommodate using as a serving dish) and add the pear and plain yogurt to the top. Wa-la! instant salad!

Cool Pear Salad

Cool Pear Salad

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