Why gluten free?

I felt like a different person

For myself, Gluten Free has been a way of life for about 20 years. I started eliminating wheat, rye and barley from my diet in the early 1990’s after consulting with nutritionist Dr. Susan Brown* who diagnosed me with Leaky Gut Syndrome. Gluten avoidance was part of eating an Elimination Diet suggested by Dr. Brown. After two weeks on this diet, I felt like a different person, no longer suffering from constant stomach cramps, bloating, erratic blood pressure, insomnia, migraine headaches, tingling sensations in my arms, high white and red blood cell counts, test results pointing to liver issues, and a host of other symptoms.

At that time, gluten free meant you avoided wheat, barley and rye products. Over the past 20 years, I have practiced avoiding these foods most of the time. A few times, thinking that perhaps my tolerance was built up to gluten (after all, I technically do not have an allergy to it), I would resume eating it again. Each time I did various symptoms appeared.

Getting serious about my diet for good

After having half my thyroid removed due to a benign lump in 2007, I decided to get serious about my diet for good. I felt much better after avoiding wheat, barley, and rye again. However, I still could not pinpoint some nagging symptoms including an extremely low Vitamin D count, trouble sleeping, and constant bloating (which to me means gaining 4-8 lbs of water weight a day, and then losing it by the next morning.) Upon seeing a presentation by Dr. Osborne, I was stunned to see many of the symptoms I have had over the years described as gluten intolerance. It finally makes sense. And I am happy to know I am not the only one with this issue. I began avoiding corn, rice, and oats, among other grains containing gluten proteins, which included gluten proteins in the capsule and binders found in my vitamins.

Immediate results

Immediately after seeing this presentation the first week of February 2012, I am starting to feel the results kick in. I can now sleep for 4 hours at a time during the night and my energy level during the day has improved.

*Disclaimer: I have summarized my story in regard to relationships with medical professionals. While consulting with Dr. Brown, my general practitioner conducted all tests and blood work, and was kept abreast of all results and changes in my nutritional plan. This process took place over the course of 18 months. Also while I have found personally found benefits to abstaining from gluten I do not represent Dr. Osbourne. Please see complete disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

I continue to see my general practitioner on a regular basis as part of my healthcare plan.

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